Who/what is Knitti Politi?

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Knitti Politi is the creation of knitter Ellen Kapusniak (above).

Ellen has been knitting for over 30 years, since picking up the needles as a child, taught by her grandmother. You can read more about her adventures in knitting (complete with her silly drawings!) in her Knit's my Life series of blogs.

She is co-founder of the popular knitting website Stitch Geek along with Deann Wilson, and has been publishing knitting patterns for several years under her own Knitti Politi brand, building up a niche and dedicated following among lovers of her quirky and fun designs. Ellen also had the pleasure of running and growing one of the largest knitting & crochet groups on Facebook for a number of years, until her designing work started to take up more of her time. 

As a left-handed knitter she has particular expertise in encouraging left-handed crafters to achieve their full potential. Ellen is also a valuable resource to knitters of all hand orientations and has always been willing to answer questions, work out problems, and encourage them as they craft along their journey. All of her knitting tutorials and guides (along with Deann's) are available here on Stitch Geek.

She has acted as technical editor and test knitter for several knitting pattern designers and her work has also been featured in Knit Now and Handmade Living. Ellen published her first print book, "The Delusional World of Knitti Politi" in summer 2014, available on Amazon at the link below.

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