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Please note: my patterns do not teach you how to actually knit. Although I put in as much guidance as I can, they are knitting patterns rather than basic knitting tutorials and assume a rudimentary knowledge of knitting and how to follow a pattern. However, help can be found all over the internet for the basics in the form of tutorials, videos, written instructions, you are sure to find something to suit by searching a little! If you would like to learn to knit and learn to read patterns, here are some links for you that may help...

Online knitting course, Let's Knit Y'all by Sherry.

Techniques and help for left handed knitters, Yarn Crafts for Lefties by Bill Souza

Craft Yarn Council's Guide, How to Read Knitting Patterns

For reading knitting charts, a lovely page from TinCanKnits (who also have beautiful knitting patterns), How to Read a Knitting Chart

 Common Issues/Questions

My item is coming out too big/small/floppy/stiff...

Make sure you do take the trouble to knit a swatch (tension square) and get the correct gauge, where specified, before starting the project. You may need to change your needle size to obtain the correct gauge. Measurements in my patterns are based on gauge and you may not have the same knitting tension as I do using the same needles, so a swatch before starting will help the piece turn out right.

The stuffing is showing through my toy/ornament...

Gauge (tension) is what affects the tightness of the fabric. A tighter fabric will stop the stuffing showing through, so in this case a swatch will again be useful to show you what kind of characteristics the finished fabric will have and if you are achieving the correct gauge. 

My toy/ornament is too floppy/misshapen...

Try stuffing the toy more. Most toys benefit from firm stuffing, and generally use a lot more stuffing than it seems. Once the stuffing is in the toy, massage it around a little to manipulate it into place. It takes a little work but it is worth it.

I want to use a different weight of yarn, can I do that?

You may be able use a different weight and gauge, however the results may differ to the sample photos, as the stitch and row counts and measurements in the patterns were written for specific weights of yarn and specific gauges. These kind of substitutions can sometimes work out ok in patterns that are written row by row, but patterns that are worked to length may come out looking distorted or strangely sized unless you also wish to adapt the measurements. For best results, use the recommended yarn weight and make sure to obtain gauge. If a pattern has been found to work out well with a different yarn weight and gauge or designed to be able to be adapted, I put notes in the pattern and advice for making this kind of modification.

Can I use a different seaming/assembly method to the one instructed?

If you have a preferred seaming method you may be able to use that with success, try it out and see how you feel. However, in some patterns, particular types of seams have been specified as they have properties which help the design look its best. For example, mattress stitch seams are much more flexible than back stitch seams, so in some designs where the seams are a design feature that gives the piece structure or where a generous seam allowance has been included, changing the seaming method may affect the finished object, so just bear that in mind when experimenting. I try to present assembly instructions in a logical order with photo help, diagrams and tips to make it easier for the user in patterns that require sewing up and assembly.

I do not understand the instructions and I am stuck!

Every pattern has my email address for pattern support at the bottom of each page. I encourage you not to struggle with anything you are unsure of, but to use it to contact me so that I can help you get over any hurdles in your project. It is what I am here for, I want you to be able to enjoy the pattern and achieve it successfully.

I'm making the pattern but changing a few things and making it in my own way, it's really not working, can you help?

I am sorry, but I cannot give pattern support for your own modifications, only for my actual knitting/assembly instructions as written. This is simply because it is impossible for me to have first-hand experience of what you have modified and what is happening with your knitting, so I will not be able to help you. 

Do you sell your patterns with yarn in kits?

Not at present. I have not given permission for anyone to retail and distribute my patterns with yarn in kits for sale.

Where do you sell/distribute your patterns?

At present I have my patterns for sale or download online via this website, my store on Ravelry, and on the StitchGeek website, and a small selection of my patterns are available in my Etsy Store. Some of my patterns have also appeared for a time in print in reputable knitting magazines and in email newsletters from reputable craft magazines. I also sell Kindle versions of some patterns and the print version of my book on Amazon. Most of my patterns (not the free ones) are also available for local yarn stores to buy and sell via the Ravelry in-store sales programme. If you find my patterns being distributed or sold anywhere else other than these venues, please get in touch and let me know so I can look into it.

I think I may have found an error or omission in your pattern, what can I do?

While I do my best to ensure that the patterns are error-free and are edited and tested before release, errors may occasionally slip through. If this happens please don't hesitate to alert me via the pattern support email address which is at the bottom of each page in the pattern. Should I be made aware of an error in a pattern I will attend to it immediately and send you out a revised copy, plus send an update to all customers that I am able to contact. I also revisit and update all my patterns from time to time, and monitor feedback from knitters to make sure everything is working well. If a change is necessary I update the digital file. Errata are also published on this page, below. I am continually working to make sure that the patterns, both old and new, do work well for everyone and appreciate your support in this matter.

 Thank you very much for your visit, and rest assured that full pattern support is included with every purchase


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Bee Cosy

Rows 25-28:
Change to yellow, knit to end.